(Case Study: PT. LAO CHOW INDONESIA, Cirebon, West Java)

  • Arsy Yusa Ramadhan Sekolah Tinggi Maritim Yogyakarta
  • Himawan Aditya Pratama Sekolah Tinggi Maritim Yogyakarta
  • Ningrum Astriawati Sekolah Tinggi Maritim Yogyakarta
  • Slamet Pamujianto Sekolah Tinggi Maritim Yogyakarta
  • Devi Triyani Sekolah Tinggi Maritim Yogyakarta
Keywords: Deployment, Supply Chain, Management.


Supply Chain Management is a management activity to obtain raw materials into goods in the process, which are then processed into finished goods and delivered through a distribution system to customers. PT. As a company in the industrial sector, Lao Chow Indonesia uses a supply chain management system to run the production process. This study aims to find out how supply chain management is applied in PT. Lao Chow, Indonesia, Cirebon, and West Java. This research is qualitative, using three methods for obtaining data: observation methods, interview methods, and documentation methods. The results showed the application of supply chain management in the company PT. Lao Chow Indonesia Cirebon West Java, the enterprise resource planning system PT uses, has run very well. Lao Chow Indonesia is good enough to make ordering goods easier. In the process of producing goods, it is fast because it has used adequate tools. In exporting goods, procedures have been carried out well with several stages so that the goods produced can reach the buyer.