• Yusi Rahmawati Politeknik Bumi Akpelni
  • Priyanto Priyanto Politeknik Bumi Akpelni
  • Iik Suryati Azizah Politeknik Bumi Akpelni
  • Gita K usumawardani Politeknik Bumi Akpelni
Keywords: Academic, Evaluation, Program, Lecturers, Study


This study unit explores a thorough review of educational issues within the Politeknik Bumi Akpelni setting, with an emphasis on lecturers, programs, and campus administration. The research takes a multifaceted approach to evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching approaches, curriculum programs, and overall campus management. Lecturers are evaluated based on their educational skills, student interactions, and professional development opportunities. The study investigates how these characteristics influence student learning results and overall educational quality. The study also looks at the structure and implementation of academic programs at Politeknik Bumi Akpelni. This involves curriculum design analysis, applicability to industry needs, and incorporating practical skills. The evaluation's findings highlight opportunities for improvement and innovation in the educational programs.Furthermore, the study looks into the effectiveness of school management practices. It looks at administrative systems, leadership styles, and how management techniques might be aligned with educational goals. The study hopes to learn how successful campus management adds to the campus's success.