• Devy Kusumaningrum Politeknik Bumi Akpelni
  • Karjono Karjono Politeknik Bumi Akpelni
Keywords: Startup Entrepreneur Mindset, Entrepreneurial Decisions, Environment, Self-efficacy


The number of internet users in Indonesia has reached 213 million people as of January 2023. Currently, many are dominated by trade, thus encouraging the emergence of new businesses, now widely referred to as startup businesses. All of these businesses operate in the field of trade and services that meet daily needs; the majority of them operate in the online sector. Taking advantage of opportunities in the digital world is still a challenge for today's young people. For this reason, the author is interested in conducting research by conducting an opinion poll among Force Cadets. 57 and Angk. 58 in the Bumi Akpelni Polytechnic environment, the influence of forming a startup entrepreneur mindset in Cadets' decisions to become entrepreneurs using quantitative methods. This research aims to examine several kinds of literature and data and test the influence of entrepreneurial mindset and the environment on entrepreneurial decisions with self-efficacy as a moderating variable. The results of the research show that the Entrepreneurial Mindset Startup is a thinking process and way of looking at the world of work that can encourage entrepreneurial behaviour and influence entrepreneurial decisions among Bumi Akpelni Polytechnic cadets/cadets; environmental factors have a positive influence on entrepreneurial decisions. This can be defined as the higher the complexity of the environment, the stronger the reason a person takes action for entrepreneurship. At the same time, self-efficacy can be influenced by the environment around an individual rather than strengthening the environment. Self-efficacy within a person can be built through opportunity, trust, giving ideas, and support from people around.