Dampak Sosial Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Otec (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) di Perairan Cilacap

  • Andi Hendrawan Akademi Maritim Nusantara Cilacap
Keywords: OTEC, social effect, technology


The application of technology that is not yet widely known to the public will certainly have a social impact. Supporting OTEC power plants is a technology that is not yet well known by the community so that its application needs socialization, so that social impacts can be minimized. the purpose of this study was to determine the estimated impact that would arise in the application of OTEC electric power plant technology. The results show that the impacts that occur are social changes and people's lifestyles affected by the development of OTEC builders. For example job changes. Educational tours, changing jobs.

Author Biography

Andi Hendrawan, Akademi Maritim Nusantara Cilacap

Program studi Teknika